Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021

Halloween is an amazing time to encourage creativity and imagination in kids.

With the holiday quickly approaching, we wanted to lay out some items to add to your potential costume list!

1. Our Tulle Skirt

For those who want to be royalty or a ballerina for the night, our tulle skirt is the perfect addition to this costume. Add a crown and cape or ballet slippers and your child is all set for the night! It also helps that it's cute as can be and can be worn whenever, wherever.

2. Our Suspender Pants

These pants are incredibly versatile and can be taken in many directions: train conductor and newspaper boy come to mind for us! Pair it with our Classic Wool Hat and you've got Newsies down to a T.

3. Our Corduroy Overalls

These bright orange corduroy overalls will keep your child warm while they're trick-or-treating while being the perfect staple piece in a costume! Pair with our Cozy Flannel Overshirt and you've got the perfect scarecrow or farmer-friendly costume!

4. Our Half Sleeve Jumpsuit

Keep it casual and cute this halloween with our half sleeve jumpsuit. The ideas are endless, but an artist or painter is at the top of our list! Grab a paintbrush and a palette and you're all set!