Let's Take a Walk

We at The Sunday Collective are beyond excited to announce the first release  in our newest collection. It’s easy to take the simple things for granted, but never underestimate the adventure that takes place when we take a walk. Whether it’s walking to a friend’s house, taking a trip to the store or heading on your way to the field for a ball game, the journey there is just as important as the destination. Let’s Take a Walk, our Spring/Summer collection, is inspired by the warm days of freedom, lightness, and playfulness, while remaining timeless in design. In our eyes, the journey is just as important as the destination. 

The Sunday Collective was created to give children clothes that they would wear comfortably and move freely in, giving them unlimited access to the amazing world around them. Our Spring/Summer collection showcases your favorite  features from the previous collections: all new items have been thoughtfully designed to grow with your child with adjustable straps, cuffed sleeves, and flexible waistbands . Our collection is  manufactured from our partners across Italy, Peru, Portugal, and Spain. Each product is made with materials that are carefully selected with sustainability in mind and are locally sourced to its production site to reduce the carbon footprints.   

Here at The Sunday Collective, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to feel safe in the world around them- which is why The Sunday Collective follows ethical and sustainable processes every step of the way. Our manufacturing partners are known for both their sustainability practices and exceptional treatment of employees. The tracking labels on every garment provide information about the materials used and where they come from. As children play and discover nature, The Sunday Collective is committed to leaving their mark on the world- by not leaving one at all. Making garments that are durable, traceable, and from ethical factories is how we at The Sunday Collective follow our vision in sustainability.

SS’22 Let’s Take a Walk is the collection created for every adventure imaginable. Let your children play and explore with our new SS’22 collection, Let’s Take a Walk.