Meet The Sunday Collective

Hello! Allow us to introduce ourselves...
We are The Sunday Collective. And this is our story. 
This line was inspired by the love of living life, the children who make every day special and, of course, the blissfulness of Sundays. 
Paired with a deep passion for photography and capturing life's precious moments, founder and creative director, Chloe, kept running into the same problem. Her photoshoot visions often followed the cardinal rule of “less is more” and she struggled to dress her kids in clothing that would be stylish, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for them to live in. Before shoots, Chloe’s clients would also often ask her for recommendations of brands they should shop at for their children. With few recommendations that were ethical, sustainable and worth the money in mind, Chloe felt like something was missing in the children’s clothing industry. If you can guess it, this is precisely when The Sunday Collective was first imagined. Problems often lead to solutions, and it seemed as if this was going to lead to something great. She wanted to do this not only for herself, but with other parents, the earth and, of course, children in mind.  
The clothing (for now!) is for children ages 3-12. Beautiful earth, sunrise and sunset tones inspired the color palette of this debut collection; colors that are not necessarily customary to the American children’s market. Our clothes are made to grow with your child, with adjustable straps, cuffed sleeves and flexible waistbands. At The Sunday Collective, we believe in the creation of quality, long-lasting clothing from start to finish. Teaching our kids at a young age about the importance of investing in quality over quantity is something we believe should be incorporated into our lives. It’s one of our values as a brand and we aspire to uphold these ideals to our customers.  
The Sunday Collective strives to be sustainably minded every step of the way. With ethical production practices in place, designs that utilize organic and post-consumer recycled materials and 100% recyclable tape, tissue paper and packaging, our brand is doing what we can to be kind to our Earth. Because we know how polluting the fashion industry can be and nothing will change unless we do. 
The Sunday Collective team hopes you enjoy this debut line and the many more to come as we launch in late January of 2021. We wish you happy shopping as you explore the collection that you can feel good about supporting. Soon enough, you’ll find yourselves asking, “Why can’t every day be Sunday?” just like we do.
xo TSC