Sustainability Report

The health and safety of our environment is extremely important to us at The Sunday Collective, which is why we are sustainably minded every step of the way. From production to packaging, we do everything we can to be kind to the planet. In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to highlight all the steps we’re taking to lower our environmental impact.   

The Sunday Collective is proud to use a mix of organic and recycled materials in all of our pieces. We follow strict guidelines when harvesting and processing our materials to ensure that our products are as ethical and sustainable as possible. Our cotton is OCS (Organic Cotton Standard) certified, and our polyester passes the RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) for certified post-consumer polyester recycling. We also use Refibra Lyocell, an organic material used by big brands  around the world, including Patagonia. Made from upcycled cotton scraps and wood material from sustainably managed forests, Refibra Lyocell is blended to create an innovative, and sustainable fabric. These organic and recycled materials appear in all of The Sunday Collective’s products.  

Since our founding, The Sunday Collective has worked to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions every year. Our factories, located internationally in Peru, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, use equipment and processes that minimize the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. By avoiding the potentially harmful chemicals and dyes these factories ensure safe working conditions for their employees. When it comes to shipping, our commitment to sustainability never wanes. Our packaging and tissue paper used is 100% recycled material, and the tape used is Forest Stewardship Council certified. 

In all phases of the production process, The Sunday Collective is committed to our environment. Earth Day allows us to showcase all that we do, but we work 364 days in the year to meet our sustainability standards.