The Importance of Our Fabrics

How can we make the best children’s clothes on the market?

We asked ourselves this question when we first imagined The Sunday Collective after feeling as if the American children’s clothing market was missing something. When it became time to put thoughts to paper and develop the line, we knew one of the key elements to our brand would be the types of fabrics we chose.

Having knowledge and experience within the apparel production industry, we were familiar with the different types of fabrics that are available throughout the world and also specifically what we would want to dress our children in.

Our Spring / Summer 2021 line is made up of organic content standard certified (OCS) and Pima cotton, sustainable fibers, like Lyocell Refibra, and post-consumer recycled materials. 

The Fabrics

Organic content standard certified cotton is put through a rigorous verification process that helps to authenticate that the material being used has been ethically harvested and uses no harsh chemicals in the farming process. This helps lend to the material’s low impact on the environment.

Our t-shirts are also made using a special type of material called Pima Cotton. This fabric is only used in about 10% of products globally due to its higher quality and slightly more expensive price tag. The cotton fibers within this material are extra-long compared to normal cotton, making it some of the strongest, silkiest and longest lasting cotton on the market.

In general, kids’ clothes are more frequently washed than adult clothes because of their active lifestyles (i.e. running around on the playground, exploring backyards, stuffing their faces and making messes). Pima cotton luckily withstands more washing, meaning it can last longer at its original state.

As part of TSC’s ethical responsibility to both the environment and our customers, it’s necessary we use this type of fabric in our products as a way to teach our children the importance of taking care of the Earth.

Lyocell is a type of sustainable fiber used in apparel production. Refibra™ is a special type of lyocell that is made using upcycled cotton from scrap clothing. These scraps are turned into a pulp which gets mixed with a separate wood-based pulp that becomes usable fibers. This process is sustainable, planet-friendly and helps in reducing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or our oceans. Plus, Refibra™ is some of the softest material on the market - you’ll wonder why you ever wore anything else.

Here at TSC, we are continually working to find ways to use sustainable fibers within each new collection. We want to welcome you to join us on this journey in finding alternatives to polyester. Through educating ourselves as a brand, we also want to help educate the parents and children around us on the importance of shopping sustainably and organically.

Reusing and recycling leads to reducing the harmful effects that the fashion industry has on our world. We felt it necessary to do what we could in order to be as kind to the planet as possible, while still making quality, long-lasting and durable clothes – because we believe kids deserve it.