We Consider the Environment in Every Decision

We are holding ourselves to a different standard of sustainability. We are in the constant pursuit of making high quality children's wear as sustainably as possible.

As a children’s brand, we take great pride in nurturing a space for children to grow. And no matter who we are or where we come from, our home is our planet. We understand that it can be hard to live more sustainably and the changes that need to be made aren’t easy. But we also know we are the ones who need to make the change.

Our goal is to help make things a bit easier for you, as someone who is a part of our collective. We want to make it easy for you and your family to find clothes you can buy and feel confident wearing – both because of the style and the knowledge that we are a brand making changes for the better.

If we’re going to be a new brand in an industry that (desperately) needs improvement, we are going to do it with our impact on the environment in mind every step of the way.

For our debut season, we focused on using organic and post-consumer recycled materials to create high quality and long-lasting clothing. Our fabrics are board-certified organic, meaning the farming, harvesting, production and manufacturing done to create them meet very specific human and environmental standards. Some of the fabrics that make up our Spring/Summer 2021 launch include Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified cotton, Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certified post-consumer polyester and Refibra™ Lyocell.

We are proud of the undeniable benefits of using these materials and will continue each season to look for fabrics we can use that bear in mind our impact onto the environment.
Did you know there are kids clothing quality assurance tests for brands to ensure their products meet a certain standard of durability and safety?

Due to the standards by which we hold ourselves and our products, not everything we use can be made using organic materials. When we can’t be 100% organic or recycled, we make it so that the largest percentage of our clothing is made from organic or post-consumer recycled materials.

While we strive for better, we also want to provide the safest and most dependable products to you and your family.

All of our testing takes place before shipping so we can assure the products we send out are reliable, long-lasting, and of the highest quality. We’ve always believed in nothing but the best for our kids.

It’s not just our clothes that we make as green as possible - our factories are environmentally minded, too! 

Over the years, our production partners have worked to greatly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with improvements to their equipment and facilities to ensure more efficient ways of manufacturing and safe working conditions for their employees.

Our workers and the community where our factories are located also receive great benefits. Here’s a word from our factories:

“From traditional charitable giving to professional training programs; from infrastructure investments to the environment; and from childhood education to public health, we strive to be an exemplary member of the community. Understanding that no two places are the same, and to best respond to the needs of each community, pro-social programs are designed locally in conjunction with local employees.”
From the fields where our fibers are grown to the moment our products reach your doorstep, we have looked for ways to make our whole system better. That includes our product’s journey to you as soon as you hit purchase on our website.

We’ve made sure that all aspects of our packaging are in some way better for the environment. From using 100% recycled material mailers and tape that is Forest Stewardship Council certified, to wrapping with tissue that is printed with soy and water-based inks and stickers that can be recycled or even composted, we’ve done our research into sourcing the best ways to deliver your order.

We want you to feel good about getting a package from us and know that we will continue working to find ways to do just that.
With each season, The Sunday Collective will strive to improve in all aspects of our brand, business, and beliefs about how clothing should be produced.

The longer we continue our sustainably minded practices, the greater the (positive!) impact on the environment.

Some improvements might be small – like changing the hashtags we use to interact with our customers each launch.

Some improvements might be big – like consistently assessing our supply chain to ensure our products not only last for generations, but are also items you can feel good buying and wearing because they were made with people and the environment in mind – always.

Each step we take we know is not only leading to a brighter future for ourselves, but more importantly our kids.