We Make Clothing With Kids in Mind

Children grow fast.

And I mean really fast. 

It may seem hard to justify investing in quality children’s clothes when, in the back of your mind, you’re always thinking about how they won’t fit your child in a couple of months - or even in a couple of weeks.

With kids of our own, we kept this common thought close in mind while creating The Sunday Collective’s debut line. 

Our collection is comprised of pieces you’ll want to invest in because of how they were made. Our clothes are not only sustainable but are also made with high-quality materials and intentionally designed with special features that will adjust and adapt as your child grows.

Something we believe in, and something we believe kids should be taught at a young age, is that it’s wise to invest in quality items. These types of products are guaranteed to last longer than competing products that may cost less but are made cheaply.

The Sunday Collective’s Spring/Summer 2021 line touches upon all of these notions. As parents, shopping with our children and their constant growth spurts in mind is essential. The adjustability of our clothing is a huge part of what makes this collection so special for our customers.

Our pants, joggers, overalls and our Utility Jacket all have stylishly patterned inner linings - because cuffing our clothing doesn’t have to look out-of-place. We all need to stylize clothes this way once in a while, and this special detail will not only grow with your child, but will keep the outfit looking cute, too.

Some of these same pieces are also made with elastic or adjustable waistbands to ensure a comfortable, easy fit for everyday wear.

Our dresses and overalls come with multiple buttons that allow the clothing to be worn at different lengths. So even as your child gets taller and taller, you know you’ll be able to hold onto our items for a long time.

Every detail within our collection - big or small - was picked with both the parent’s and child’s best interest at heart with the hope that they will last as long as possible. As a brand, we will continue to develop stylish apparel with adjustable features for our customers. Finding a clothing brand for your children that checks off all the boxes can be tough, but we suggest you start with us.