What We Can Learn From Children: Volume 2

The Sunday Collective is inspired by and dedicated to the children in our lives who make each and every day special. We believe in the ability to grow and learn from the children around us. They remind us not to take life too seriously, with their open hearts and imaginative minds still so new to the world. They show us what kindness looks like and never fail to amaze us. As a brand, we want to start a series highlighting lessons we can all learn from children because they’re people too, no matter how small.

In this second installment of What We Can Learn From Children, we’ll be touching upon the importance of confidence and why it’s essential to embrace a child openly when they show it, no matter what form it may come in.

It seems as if children have all the confidence in the world. They aren’t afraid to go out in public dressed exactly how they want or voice their opinions, no matter how shockingly sophisticated or ill-timed they may be. They could be wearing our Sunday Apron Dress or Joggers and a bright and bubbly Marshmallow Graphic T-Shirt and carry with them a sense of pride, joy and self-love. Embracing children for exhibiting different forms of expression is crucial to their understanding of confidence as they get older. 

When we age, it seems as if confidence becomes...taboo. It's almost as if an unspoken shift takes place and people begin to lose a sense of certainty in themselves. By celebrating kids during their moments of confidence and encouraging a strong sense of morale, they’ll be guided in their journey towards feeling safe and, well, confident in their confidence!

Here at The Sunday Collective, we want nothing more than our clothing to contribute to a child’s confidence. This is why we made what we did. It gives kids the freedom to dress exactly how they want, with simpler designs, adjustable features and a gender-neutral undertone. 

Children couldn’t mind less the opinions of others, a trait that is oftentimes desired as we grow older. Let’s help them hold on tightly to this care-free spirit so that their confidence can only grow stronger. One of the greatest gifts we as adults can give to those that are younger is the encouragement to believe in themselves.