What We Can Learn From Children: Volume I

To believe that we cannot learn anything from children is regrettably naïve. 

The Sunday Collective is inspired by and dedicated to the children in our lives who make each and every day special. We believe in the ability to grow and learn from the children around us. They remind us not to take life too seriously, with their open hearts and imaginative minds still so new to the world. They show us what kindness looks like and never fail to amaze us. As a brand, we want to start a series highlighting lessons we can all learn from children because they’re people too, no matter how small.

When you really think about it, children tend to be the most objective humans on the planet. They are slowly learning what they like and what they don’t like, and will often make others very aware about their standards of satisfaction at any given moment. 

Although their opinions may change rapidly, children never fail to tell us how they really feel. And thank god for that, right? They don’t say “from the mouths of babes” for nothing.

They are not forced to have opinions or hounded with stereotypes and societal or gender norms that quickly fill our lives as we age. They are similar to a blank slate, open to the variety of interpretations of their experiences and feelings.

There is a notion surrounding kids that they cannot do things for themselves, or need constant assistance in order to survive. However, kids are resilient - and we need to remind ourselves that at times. They have an almost infinite capacity to grow and learn. It’s how they catch on to things so quickly. With a bit of guidance and support, children will begin to develop their own routines and start making decisions for themselves. They’ll be able to get up, brush their teeth, get ready for class and take on the day all on their own. They will without a doubt begin to impress you if you give them the chance to. Patience, support and an open mind goes a long way as a parent, sibling, family member or friend. 

Kids are resilient. Let's all allow ourselves to let them flourish.