Behind The Scenes of SS24

In February of 2024, we launched The City of Dreams– a collection that embodies the vibrant and diverse spirit of life in New York City. We're taking you behind the scenes with our Head Designer, Kendall Loftus, to discover more of the inspiration and creativity that brought this collection to life. 

Never before seen, the images sprinkled throughout offer glimpses into the core of our editorial shoot. Each one was captured by our models through the nostalgic lens of disposable film cameras. 

Scenes from McCarren Park with Stylist @MariaMontane_ and Photographer @IanBoddy.

TSC: What inspired you to design a collection that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of New York City's culture and people?

K: Making up the fabric of NYC’s diverse community has been an important aspect of my daily life for over 10 years. Since The Sunday Collective was founded and cultivated in NYC, we thought it was important to create a collection that draws inspiration from the dynamic energy of NYC.

Each garment reflects the kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and textures found throughout the city, from the lively block parties of Brooklyn to the tranquil greenery of Central Park. Designed for versatility and adaptability, these pieces embody the spirit of urban exploration.

Through this collection, we wanted to capture the electric atmosphere of NYC's summertime, empowering kids to carry a piece of the city's magic wherever they go.

UNO, an on-set favorite between scenes; Models Dallas, Piper, and Jasper playing basketball at McCarren Park. 

When choosing the location behind our editorial photoshoot, our team looked to neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn. From the colorful murals on warehouse walls to the galleries tucked away in converted lofts, Brooklyn pulses with creative energy at every turn.

Moments between Model Cairo and Videographer @RobChristianCrosby .

TSC: What role does sustainability play in your design process, and how did it factor into this particular collection?

K: Sustainability is a principle we take seriously in every collection we create. For this particular collection, we've been mindful to incorporate organic and recycled materials whenever possible. However, sustainability as a whole doesn’t just come down to an organic label.

We also prioritize durability and longevity in our designs and choice of materials, ensuring that the garments are made to last through multiple wears and washes. By selecting high-quality fabrics and maintaining rigorous quality standards, we aim to reduce waste and allow kids to grow into their clothes.

Transitioning to the next location, we took a short walk from the park to a local bodega shop. 

TSC: What's your favorite piece from the collection, and what inspired its design?

K: The Brooklyn Baseball Shirt- I wanted to incorporate modern and playful elements into a classic New York pastime, such as baseball, by using bright, colorful accents inspired by summertime street fairs and the quirky atmosphere of Coney Island.
Models Faye, Paloma, and Jasper at the bodega. 

Models Faye, Riley, and Paloma sharing popsicles at Bernie's resturaunt– a local favorite for classic dishes; Dallas and Jasper sharing cassette tunes outside of McFarren Park. 

At one our last locations- a collection of vibrant warehouse murals with Models Cairo, Faye, Dallas, Piper, and Paloma enjoying summertime favorites like Jarrito's and Joe's chips. 

As we wrap up this behind-the-scenes journey into the creation of our The City of Dreams Spring-Summer '24 collection, we invite you to join us in celebrating the extraordinary moments of the children around us. Explore the full collection here