The Sunday Collective x Manymoons Circular Shop

We're partnering with America's first Circular Retailer, Manymoons, to reduce waste by repurposing pre-loved and rescued styles through a Circular Shop.

What's new (and what you love) on our online store, Our styles are designed with adjustable features and high-quality materials, perfect for supporting children as they grow.
Each piece to the fullest! Make memories with family and friends, embracing all the sweet Sundays to come in equal comfort and style.
Your past TSC item by sending it to Manymoons and receive a discount code for 20% off your next purchase on our site. Consider shopping for the next size up or exploring a new collection!

Due to overproduction in the fashion industry, many styles get dumped in landfills.

Manymoons takes a different approach by repairing and cleaningevery item to a "like new" condition.

Join us in shopping circular with Manymoons to help create a positive impact on our environment.
Pre-Loved and Rescued
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