Sustainability Around The Holidays

During the festive season at The Sunday Collective, we celebrate love, cheer, and cherished traditions passed down through generations. Our Founders, Jae and Chloe Kim, touch on their family traditions and how they integrate eco-friendly practices into holiday habits:

"Our favorite tradition is setting up the Christmas tree while we sip hot cocoa and listen to holiday music. We often like to visit upstate New York for winter activities like skiing and spending time with friends and family in nature. When it comes to incorporating sustainable practices during the holiday, our most significant advice is to have this conversation with your children and learn together. 

Returning to our Christmas tree, we discussed the differences between artificial and natural trees. With our daughter and son, we explored lessening our carbon footprint with artificial trees made from sustainable materials or finding a way to recycle our live trees locally. This conversation is unique and valuable as we think and teach our children to think critically and live out/practice a more sustainable way."

Through the lens of our brand values, we've curated our favorite tips and ideas to make the season friendlier for the earth and your wallet:

  1. Prioritize quality over quantity: Buy clothes that last longer. Look for high-quality styles that reduce the need for frequent replacements. This minimizes the environmental impact of producing and disposing of low-quality goods.
  2. Shop sustainable materials: Opt for gifts made from ecofriendly, recycled, or upcycled materials like organic fabrics or renewable resources like natural dye.
  3. Consider the clothing's lifecycle: From production to disposal. Look for brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices throughout their supply chain. Choose garments that are made to last, using materials that have a lower environmental impact.

Still looking for gifts this year? Our TSC Naturals collection offers timeless neutrals for everyday wear– made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. 


Peeking at zero-waste gift wrapping, we've seen pre-loved newspapers and magazines as eco-friendly alternatives. However, this year, our eyes are on Furoshiki wrapping, which involves using a square piece of fabric to wrap and knot gifts. We recommend using our Square Multi-Use Scarf as an easy and eco-friendly way to gift wrap. 

When hosting holiday gatherings, use digital or recycled paper invitations and opt for reusable decorations like fabric banners and biodegradable balloons. Offer practical party favors like reusable shopping bags or small potted plants, avoiding single-use plastics. These simple steps add a touch of eco-friendliness to your festivities.

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