TSC Naturals x Why Quality Matters

From the conception of our TSC Naturals collection, we've been traveling worldwide, searching for ways to create environmentally safe essentials for kids. We asked ourselves, "Why does quality matter, and why do we need it?". The answer: to leave less of a mark on the world to give kids the opportunity to leave theirs.

When we looked at the industry standards and the role that sustainability plays in fashion, it became exceedingly clear there is a significant need for everyday wear that uses zero-chemical dyes and organic fibers. 

Our research brought us to Portugal, where we established partnerships with local farmers and factories to implement a circular sustainability process that allows our waste to be 100% safely returned back to the earth. Every aspect, from fabric to dye to technique, underwent meticulous testing to guarantee the absence of chemicals. Our fibers originate from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, infusing each style with benefits like natural insulation for year-round comfort, durability, and hypoallergenic qualities. 

As a brand all about continuously raising the standards, we set off after launching the collection to find a way to make it—well, better. Was there a way to lower our energy use? How else can we improve? Our curiosity, care, and audacity led us to mineral dye. 

Our education started at the source– artisanal miners. This knowledge of pigments used in mineral dye has been passed on through generations for centuries. For the past 70,000 years, the mining of pigments has allowed renewable sources to flourish in modern society. Did you know that Ochre, the base of our Latte colorway, was widely used as a dye or to paint buildings and pottery? 

Deciding to partner with artisanal miners and small businesses allows us to exclusively use resources we trust while leaving zero impact on the earth. We use less energy and water while incorporating the same non-toxic circular sustainability process we love. 

Another benefit of mineral dye is its natural properties, such as UV protection and serious color-fastness. Let's be honest—we live in the creative and magical world of children. With it comes a plethora of food stains, marker remnants, and other happy messes that happen along the way. Mineral dye ensures the pigment retains its color, even after exposure to the harshest chemical environments. There is no dissolving or fading, just natural, vibrant color. 

The intention behind this collection remains the same: to leave less of a mark on the world to give kids the opportunity to leave theirs. Our new arrivals offer more hues to seamlessly integrate into their year-round wardrobe, improved longevity, and now, for the first time ever, styles for adults. 

We invite you to explore our newest arrivals and shop for the whole family here.