Young Athletes: Leading the Charge for Change

Age is truly just a number, especially in today's sports world, where the impact of young athletes is undeniable. Take Sky Brown, for example, who won her first olympic medal at age thirteen. This phenomenal professional skateboarder broke records in her sport and used her platform to combat racial discrimination and promote environmental sustainability. Through her relentless advocacy and participation in community beach clean-ups, she has inspired thousands to rally behind these causes. Sky herself puts it best, "We only have one life, so you do what you can do and try your best and never give up." (Source:

TSC changemaker's (left to right): Olivia Barnes, Kay Cox, Camden Guyton

Young athletes from all over the world are making a significant impact. For example, Brianna Rodriguez, a Gatorade Player of the Year and environmental activist, organizes clean-up drives and awareness campaigns to protect our planet. Others are also contributing to important causes, such as anti-bullying campaigns, by creating workshops and support groups for bullying victims. These remarkable efforts demonstrate the positive influence that youth can have on their communities and the world.

But you don't have to be famous or accomplished to make a change. It starts with you—on the field, court, or course—no matter how big or small. Countless young athletes use their passion for sports to bring about positive change and inspire others. They show that you don't need Olympic status to make a difference. They demonstrate the power of using their influence for the greater good and foster a sense of community. Whether through charitable work, activism, or simply serving as role models for their peers, they show that we can make a difference together.

At TSC, we are inspired by the significant positive impact of children around us. Our mission goes beyond just creating clothing; it's about building confidence and empowerment. The TSC Play collection honors their love for sports while nurturing self-assurance. We invite you to join us in supporting these exceptional young athletes and shaping the next generation of changemakers together.