Benefits of Pima Cotton

We're excited to introduce Pima Cotton, a premium material that has elevated our clothing to be more durable. Newly minted in our TSC Play collection, this high-quality fabric has become a cornerstone of our first activewear line, launched earlier this year.

Styles with Pima Cotton (left to right): Organic Play Polo in Cosmic, Organic Play Polo Dress in Fairway Print, Organic Play Polo in Fairway Print, and the Organic Play Polo Dress.

What truly sets Pima Cotton apart is its exceptional durability. This unique blend is significantly more long-lasting than regular cotton, with the fabric almost lasting up to 50% longer. It's resistant to pilling, tearing, and stretching, making it the ideal match-time mate for activities on the court, fairway, or playground.

The softness of Pima Cotton is something that immediately captures attention. This benefit means that our children can wear each style for extended periods while enjoying the fabric's unparalleled comfort. Additionally, it possesses excellent temperature-regulating properties, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Not only is Pima Cotton soft to the touch, but it is also gentle on sensitive skin due to its natural hypoallergenic properties, keeping wearers calm and itch-free.

Wear after wear, styles made with this material will maintain their colors and resist wrinkling, promising a long lifespan. We are thrilled to incorporate this exceptional fabric into our collections, aiming to deliver higher quality and improved products built for serious play.

Explore the new styles made with Pima Cotton in our TSC Play collection here.