The City of Dreams

As a company born and raised in New York City, the avenues of inspiration are endless to us. When considering what we envisioned our Spring Summer 2024 collection to be, it felt only fitting that we create designs defining this extraordinary city's essence. Its unique adventures, culture, and diversity are why we love calling the Big Apple, well– our home! It's a melting pot of creativity, ideas, and people that fuels us as a company and embodies who we are as a brand. We're thrilled to finally share the final collection, presenting The City of Dreams.

Looking to the nostalgic New York City façades and storefronts, we drew inspiration from each neighborhood. Their various personalities, aesthetics, and styles are represented throughout the collection. 

Throughout the collection, you'll find classic iconography and jelly bean colors– a nice compliment to the skater and athleisure styles reminiscent of decades past.

Bringing history to life through retro colors and silhouettes, The City of Dreams collection is filled with an assortment of durable and comfortable spring and summer pieces. Each style was carefully designed with modern features like adjustable waistbands and hidden pockets to be multi-purpose and unisex.

The materials chosen for this collection feature nylon, linen, and organic cotton to create equally breezy and long-lasting styles for warmer weather. The lightweight feel keeps them cool, with other added benefits like less irritation to sensitive skin. 

We believe that children are just smaller, better versions of ourselves and deserve quality clothing they can live and play in. Learn about five tests we run to ensure every product meets our high-quality standards here