The Sunday Collective x FABSCRAP

Navigating the world of sustainability and conscious design within the fashion industry has been no easy feat. In 2022, we minted our partnership with FABSCRAP, a one-stop textile reuse and recycling resource. This relationship has enabled us to redefine our outlook on sustainable fashion and contribute positively to the environment.

Our team embraced the hands-on approach of collecting and sorting textile waste through a volunteer event with FABSCRAP. We were able to experience firsthand their commitment to reshaping the industry's narrative and being actively involved in the change we wish to see.

Regular donations became a cornerstone of our collaboration, consistently contributing excess fabric to FABSCRAP's recycling efforts. Their service has helped divert tons of textile waste from landfills and fueled our commitment to circular fashion practices. The discarded scraps that once might have contributed to environmental harm are now part of a sustainable cycle, finding new life and purpose.

As a brand deeply rooted in transparency, here's a snapshot of the impact we've achieved since the start of our partnership:

CO2 Saved: Over the past year, our collaboration has resulted in a total of 1.57 tons spared in carbon dioxide emissions. This has contributed to a measurable decrease in our carbon footprint.

Textile Waste Diverted: Together with FABSCRAP, we've diverted 213 pounds of textile waste from landfills. One hundred percent of our donations have been sent for reuse, giving the materials a second life.

Trees Planted: Our contributions have planted 24 trees to counteract greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration.

We're thankful for the path that FABSCRAP has provided towards a more sustainable and responsible future in fashion. The Sunday Collective remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what ethical fashion can achieve. To learn more about how you can recycle with FABSCRAP, click here