Our Back-To-School Event at Galeries Lafayette

Greetings from Paris! Last weekend we hosted a Back-To-School event at our pop-up store in the heart of the iconic Galeries Lafayette, leaving us creatively recharged and inspired. 

The pièce de résistance of the Back-To-School event was the captivating origami workshop. We invited Schoko Paris, an accomplished artist, to share the color and joy she finds in the art form. Origami, a practice rooted in patience and precision, perfectly aligns with our philosophy of celebrating artistry through simplicity and sustainable materials.

Under the skilled guidance of Schoko, we immersed ourselves in the enchanting world of paper folding. Simple sheets transformed into intricate shapes, each reflecting the essence of our "Build Your World" Collection. Guests of all ages and skill levels eagerly embraced the challenge, crafting three distinct figures: a pinwheel, a boat, and a butterfly. Surrounding us, each piece of kraft paper illuminated graphics from our Fall Winter 2023 collection, vividly showcased for guests to shop throughout the event. The room was filled with lively play, as kids zipped around with their pinwheels held high in the air. 

The spirit of our "Build Your World" Collection was brought to life by juxtaposing smooth surfaces with people-made shapes. Every attendee received a custom pouch brimming with back-to-school essentials like pencils and stickers inspired by our FW23 collection. 

The Back-To-School event at Galeries Lafayette filled the day with laughter, inspiration, and a profound sense of community—our collective. It served as a poignant reminder that creativity knows no bounds and emphasized the significance of exploring art forms to ignite the imagination. We departed with a renewed sense of wonder, knowing the children hold the power to build their world.

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